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(This is an abstract of our technology focus. Please see the rest of our web site for a more detailed overview of our innovative products & services.)

The thought of implementing new, advanced technologies in building construction projects is both an unsettling yet exciting concept for many building owners. Unsettling because owners and managers must consider the risk of the new technology falling short of its promise, or adding unplanned costs and complexities to the project. These results can occur when a design/construction team is not sufficiently experienced with the technology, or the technology is not fully proven.

But just as the thought of incorporating new technologies in building projects is unsettling, it is also an exciting prospect. In this time of rapid change, Owners realize that new technologies can add significant value and provide a competitive edge to their projects by reducing costs, adding amenities that attract guests and tenants, or offering new sources of revenue. Implementing new, effective technologies helps ensure a building project will remain viable throughout its life.

The Hartman Company is an Engineering & Development company firmly rooted in the building construction industry. As design engineers, we are active in some of the most prestigious and visible projects in the world. We have hands on experience with implementing the very latest technologies in building projects and ensuring that they produce the desired advantages.

As a development firm, The Hartman Company has created a number of new network focused technologies that have been employed to reduce energy, improve comfort, and offer other amenities in hundreds of commercial and institutional buildings. Hartman's unique approach to making advanced technology solutions economical for any potential project is to "productize" advanced technologies, and to work with others in the industry to ensure each technology is applied effectively and economically to any size project by any team an Owner selects to design, construct and support the project.

To do this, Hartman conducts programs for the technologies it develops such that specifiers, manufacturers, and contractors on any project have, or can easily obtain, the expertise they need to ensure the technology chosen is implemented effectively to fully meet Owner's expectations.

Hartman networking technologies offer exciting advantages to any commercial building project. To find out how these technologies may improve your current project, browse through our web site and contact us for more information or with your questions!

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