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The Hartman Company (THC) was founded in 1972 as a high technology engineering firm, specializing in applying computer technology to commercial and industrial building control and energy management. Hartman has played an important role in pioneering the use of advanced computer based energy management control strategies. In 1976 the Hartman EVS program offered one of the earliest hourly building simulation programs available. The EVS program affords a quick analysis of building envelope, HVAC, or control improvements. The power and flexibility of the EVS program led to the development of dynamic control strategies which are widely acknowledged as the most effective means for HVAC control available today.

Hartman continues to place a strong emphasis on the use of modeling for evaluating potential improvements, and has developed a number of in-house programs to model a variety of energy and financial improvement scenarios. In 1987, THC developed a control concept called Terminal Regulated Air Volume, TRAV a network-based VAV operations strategy that offers reduction in fan and lighting energy use well beyond those normally achieved in buildings today. These patented technologies use the calculation and communication capabilities of "full" Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems to achieve building environments that offer superior efficiency, comfort and well being (IAQ).

Today THC is utilizing dynamic control concepts with networks, TRAV and advanced chiller design. We have even produced a prototype of the Uniterm™. This is our vision to the future of individual comfort. With performance oriented specifications, we successfully implement mechanical/electrical systems for clients throughout North America. Because THC works exclusively with high-performance projects, it has developed the special skills, knowledge, and experience required to handle the unusual circumstances or unforeseen difficulties inherent to these lucrative projects. These attributes ensure smooth and successful project management at all stages of each project, and is a contributing factor to the solid record of success in its projects.


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